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The Best Technology Experience for Everyone


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High Mountain Technology promotes ease of use for everyone when it comes to technology. Continually striving to provide premium support and education to our clients in  Buncombe, Henderson and surrounding counties.  Our  services include computers, networking, smart home systems, phones, tablets and entertainment systems.  Schedule a in-home consultation today. 




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Where we can help!


Microsoft operating systems can be confusing at times. Just as you car needs servicing, so does your PC.  We not only can service or repair your system, but can set up protocols and teach you how to clean up your PC to keep it protected, running efficiently and as fast as the day you purchased it.  

Smart home

Need help using new smart home devices? We are prepared to assist in your lights, assistants, switches, outlets, and a multitude of smart home devices. Let us help you navigate this new technology so you can truly experience a smart home. From setting the systems up to setting you up with using them, High Mountain Technology is on the forefront of smart homes and custom smart home support, with over three years of smart home experience of various kinds.

Mac OS

Switching from Windows to Mac? Need to learn a new trick? You found the solution! Specializing in MacOS for years we will evaluate your needs and teach you how to utilize your Mac to its full potential.

Microsoft Office

Work with a Microsoft Office certified expert to help you learn the quick tips and ins and outs of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Outlook and Publisher. We are 100% certified!


New to the Apple ecosystem? Let us teach you how to use your new iPhone or iPad. Technology is ever changing, certainly with Apple products. Don't get caught in the dust by the new update. Let us help!

Apple Ecosystem

Got all Apple products, but don't really understand what the "cloud" is for? We can help you make sure all your precious data, photos, emails, everything is securely backed up to iCloud, making sure you never loose a single photograph. We also enjoy teaching our clients how to manage all these cloud connections themselves. 

Technology and social media have brought power back to the people.
— Mark McKinnon