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Remote services available with a *

Password Recovery - $125
Locked out of your computer? We will penetrate your password protected computer reuniting you with your data. (Windows only)

Virus/Malware Removal - $100*
Secure your computer today and get rid of the dangerous virus or malware that infect your device. Who knows who is watching…

Device Tune-Up - $75*
Slow computer? Let the professionals clean out the years of junk collecting on your computer, ensuring a speed improvement!

New Computer Setup - $75
Buy a new computer? We can go through the new setup process and configure your computer with the correct software based on your needs and wants. Also, we will configure your antivirus as well.

Data Transfer - $60
Want to make sure your precious data is transferred between devices successfully? We got you covered. We can even help with transfers between Mac and Windows specific file formats.

Device Diagnosis - $40*
Not too sure what’s wrong with your computer? We will find the problem and present you with a solution plan.

General Computer Service - $60/hour*
If you have a general issue with your computer, you will be charged $60 per hour until it is resolved. We are usually pretty fast at solving problems though.



Remote services available with a *

Home Media & Storage Server - $600
Archive all of your digital media onto one place. We will configure a home server grade computer with custom software called Plex. Plex allows you to centralize all your data onto one service. Your photos, movies, podcasts, songs, audio books, ebooks, live TV and more. All your media on one service, hosted from your house, accessible around the world. We will also integrate a storage server alongside it to ensure you can fit all of your data, and have enough room for backups.

New Network Design + Install - $350
Moving into a new house and need a new network solution, or need an upgrade? In the first in-home visit, we will evaluate your house and your specific needs. With this information, we will design a network that will work the best for you. Second in-home visit, we will install the network. We can provide the equipment if preferred.

Personal Home Cloud Storage - $225
A lot of people use cloud storage to store photos, documents, videos and more. For some people, your data is split apart hosted between different providers. Centralize all your data on your own personal cloud. Hosted at your home, you can access your data from anywhere in the world. Available on all your devices seamlessly.

Port Forwarding - $150*
Need to open ports for a video game or software? We can configure your router settings to allow your software to function as it should.

Network Setup - $100
If you have existing network equipment that needs to be installed, we can do that! We will also ensure your network is optimized for top speed and security.

Network Diagnosis - $75
Problem with your network? Dead spots in your house? Let the experts evaluate your network and your home and we will present you with a solution.

General Network Service - $80/hour
If you have a general issue with your network, you will be charged $80 per hour until it is resolved. We are usually pretty fast at solving problems though.


Remote services available with a *

Printer Setup - $60
Purchase a new printer and not sure how to set it up? We will configure your printer to function with your computer and customize it to your needs.

E-Mail Setup - $60*
Looking to improve your e-mailing experience? Let us setup the best e-mail client, curated specifically for you.

Software Installation - $60*
Not sure how the software works? We will install the software and make sure its working properly for you.

General Device Setup - $75
Buy a new device? We will set it up for you and configure it to your specifications based on your needs.

Extras fees may apply for some of our services. All extra fees are discussed before service.