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Welcome to the preview of what your home could do today. Don't settle for what you do for your home, join the modern world, and see what your home can do for you. Integrate modern features to make your life easier and just a bit more entertaining. The products showcased below are just a few of many smart home technologies we specialize in.

Smart Lights

Phillips Hue lights is the leader of smart home lighting, reinventing how we control our home lighting options. From the standard white lights, to having a multitude of mood lighting, and every color of the rainbow.  You no longer need to be in your home to control your home lighting. From smart phone controls, remotes, and voice commands, experience the lighting you want when you want it.  All Hue lights are LED powered, and very energy efficient.

Smart Switches

Wemo smart switches are amazing for making any "dumb" piece of tech into a smart one! Toggle your new smart outlet on and off from anywhere in the world, giving you piece of mind that your new "smart" hair iron is off, preventing a bigger issue. Not only can you control your power outlets from your phone, Wemo smart switches can also track how much power that outlet is consuming. 

Smart assistants

When it comes to smart assistants, there are many options. Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple's Siri. We can determine what assistant best fits your needs, and customize it to truly be your assistant.  Smart assistants adds voice commands for many smart home devices, including Hue lights and Wemo smart switches. Say a simple phrase as "Ok Google, turn off the lights in the bathroom" and instantly your lights are off! 


Full Room Automation - Design & Installation: $650 per room
Smart Lights - Design & Installation: $250 per room
Smart Assistants - Design & Installation: $200 per room
Smart Switches - Design & Installation: $150 per room